Top 5 Parks and Pathways in Calgary’s Northwest

Summer is in full swing! We finally have beautiful blue sky and warm weather, so get outside and enjoy it while it last. A great way to spend some quality time with the family or have fun with friends, while enjoying the great outdoors (and getting a little exercise in), is taking a walk or bike ride through one of many amazing parks and pathways in Calgary. I did a little research and found just a few of the parks and pathways closest to our new Calgary townhomes at Prospect Rise, in and around Kincora!

1.       Kincora Community Paths and Parks – Kincora has community pathways that connect to the City of Calgary’s pathway system. You can download a mobile app that will show all of Calgary’s Pathway systems. Not only does the app provide a convenient and efficient way for Calgarians to navigate the pathway and on-street bikeway system, but also provides an environmentally-friendly means to do so. The app features include detour routes/closures, safety messages, information about parks and links to Twitter and Facebook.

To download the Pathways and Bikeways mobile application, please visit or the iTunes store.

2.       West Nose Creek/Confluence Park – Features wetland pond and pathway system north of Stoney Trail, (can been seen from Prospect Ridge!) The creek meanders through multiple curves in the valley bottom.

3.       Nose Creek Parkway – Although not a very wide park, it has a very long pathway, running parallel on the north side of Beddington Trail, from Deerfoot to Stoney Trail. There are also some amazing vantage points, but be prepared, as there are a couple of killer hills to get there (but worth the effort!)

4.       Nose Hill Park – Experience nature in the city. Take a hike on the hill, but slow down to appreciate the Rough Fescue grassland that you are passing through. Nose Hill Park contains one of the most significant examples of this grassland ecosystem left on the Canadian prairies. From the plateau, there are vistas including the Rocky Mountains, Bow River Valley and the vast plains to the east.

5.       Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park – Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is where it all comes together – the past, the present, and the future. Within minutes of Calgary and Cochrane, but remote enough to allow for you to recreate, relax and reflect in rural surroundings. Get there early parking is limited. And Watch out for the hills, they are steep! Access off (Crowchild/1A highway onto Glenbow Road)

All of these parks are worth a visit this summer, so dust off those running shoe, get your bike out of the shed and hit the trails!