Victoria Cross: Construction Update – January 2014

The new Calgary townhomes at Victoria Cross are on their way to completion! We’re working to finish the homes on Phase Four, the four homes that sit on the west side of Victoria Cross Boulevard (home numbers 30, 34, 38, 42).

Despite the cold weather, major progress is being made inside each of the homes. While our site superintendent is constantly monitoring the site, tradespeople are working on the rough-in or drywall stages.

In 30 and 42 Victoria Cross Blvd., drywall is well underway! Currently both homes are at taping stage, with other finishings to soon follow. Take a look at the photos to see the fully drywalled fireplace, which is an amazing statement piece, and the main floor which is at taping stage.

In 30, the garage is also at insulation and drywall stage, so you’ll start to see the interior of that home come together as well.

In homes 34 and 38, rough-ins are being completed and we’re finalizing some items with the city. After that, the drywall stage will start and the homes will start to take shape.

Outside, the homes are sided and the finishing pieces will be applied in the next few weeks. They’re an amazing statement in the community, with varied elevations and materials like James Hardie fibre cement siding, brick facade, and unique details to be added like custom mailboxes and wrought iron planter boxes.

Keep checking our blog in the next few weeks as more progress happens on site, or contact your customer service representative Tara Lyseng, at