Walkable Kincora!

Thousands of Calgarians say they want to live in walkable neighbourhoods, the kind of place where you can live much of your life without a car. People shopping for New Townhomes in Calgary are looking for a Community to live in that have things like street trees, sidewalk design that feels safe and a healthy mix of amenities and Kincora has help lead that trend.

When you have to dash to the grocery store, meet friends for dinner or shop, it would be great to rarely need to hunting for the car keys. Prospect Rise helps deliver on that. With several shops over in Creekside shopping center (and more to come) and a amazing path system throughout Kincora, it is easy to ditch the car and stroll down to meet friends for drinks or grab those few things you need for tonight’s dinner!

These are just a few examples of how far away shops are from Prospect Rise;

Co-Op – 1.65 km

Scotmans Well – 1.4km

Starbucks – 1.2 km

Potential new Walmart – 1.1 km

Bank’s – 1km

Open Large Green space with Ball Diamond- not even 1 km

So amid traffic congestion, parking costs, health concerns, eco-awareness, and the expense of road infrastructure and maintenance, walkability is getting greater attention. It’s not about not being able to drive a car, it’s about not needing a car for every single thing you need to do to survive as a citizen in this city.

So put on a comfy pair of shoes the next time you run out of milk, ditch the car and enjoy all the fresh air and beauty this city has to offer by walking (or biking) down to the grocery store and shops!