We’ve met the next generation of architectural designers, and they’re awesome!

Math … not generally everyone’s favourite subject.  Most of us get by, but any kind of career that involves finding the value of ‘x’ usually gives us one big headache! Thank goodness for dedicated teachers and people like Tracy Oman, our very talented Design Manager.

Homes by Avi has had an ongoing relationship with Ernest Morrow Junior High for over 17 years.  In addition to making an annual donation to the school, we conduct construction field trips for students interested in homebuilding and trade careers, hold showhome art contests, and participate in career days, which is how Tracy ended up in a grade 6 math class.

The students were tasked with creating the floor plans for their dream homes, an exercise that was designed to teach them about shapes and calculations of area and linear length.  So, how did they do?  Well, let’s ask Tracy.

“Speaking to the students about how architectural design uses math, and seeing the designs they created was such an incredible opportunity.  The students were so passionate about their designs.  I enjoyed seeing their unique and imaginative creations, everything from how typical room uses can freely be re-invented to a couple of very well-thought-out designs!  The experience reminded me that future generations of designers are out there somewhere, exploring their creativity, and they are learning and being nurtured.”

Tracy also speaks highly of Mr. Gordon, the students’ math teacher.  “The elaborate program that he has set up for his students so that they are more engaged in math is truly enlightening.”

A big thank you to Tracy for taking time out of her day to chat with the students, and to teachers like Mr. Gordon, who are nurturing the next generation of talented designers.