What’s Inside Your Home: Finger Joined Lumber

At Avi Urban, our team is always looking for new ways to incorporate environmentally friendly products that make sense for our homeowners.   We’re constantly researching new and more efficient ways to build our homes, so you can be confident that your home is constructed using some of the best products around.

We recently started using a stellar new product called finger-joined lumber. It’s becoming one of the most popular new products for framing because of its efficiency and stability.

So what’s the deal with finger-joined lumber? We use this lumber when framing our homes, and it’s made by taking shorter pieces of quality lumber and squeezing the pieces together using adhesive to make a longer or larger piece.

The result is a durable piece of lumber that is straighter than a normal stud. It’s super strong, which means it’s designed not to break at the joints and will create one seriously sturdy house. Because it’s a manufactured product, the studs are straight and stable and will stay that way over time. Finger-joined lumber is also environmentally friendly because it’s made by recycling the leftover pieces of lumber to create a new stud, making use of the otherwise scrap pieces of wood.

The team has just introduced this incredible new product in the new Calgary townhomes at Prospect Rise and The Enclave, and we’ll be continuing to use it in future products. While it may seem like a small change, using finger-joined lumber is a big deal for Avi Urban homeowners. It means you’ll be living in a home built with quality materials, and a home that’s environmentally responsible.

When you’re talking to your customer service representative or chatting with your sales team, feel free to ask about this new product. We’re always around to answer questions and walk you through the entire construction process of your new Avi Urban home.