Who is Sawyer: Clara and Henry

Our Avi Urban team often gets asked, “Who will my new neighbours be?” We know that your neighbours are important, which is why we build each development to be a community within a community. Get to know your future neighbours at Sawyer Silverado, they’re pretty great.


Henry Y. (28) and Clara C. (31) – Recently engaged and purchasing their first home together.


Henry: Car dealership as parts technician

Clara: Montessori teacher

Why’d you buy at Sawyer Silverado?

Henry: Everything! The floorplan, the price, and especially the service

Clara: I love the wrap around balcony

What floorplan did you choose and why?

Henry: We bought the Corner B home with a wrap around balcony and yellow front door. It’s awesome. Once we saw the floorplan and we knew we had to buy it.

Clara: He was the one that found it first. Within two weeks we knew we had to have it.

Are you excited to move in?

Henry: Yeah, we think about it every day. We’re thinking about the first meal we’ll cook when we move in, furniture colours, and especially the size of the TV!

Clara: 60” TV, that’s what he wants. I told him smaller, it didn’t happen.

How did you meet?

Clara: We met through friends, we just had each other’s numbers and started talking.

Henry: And now she’s my wife to be!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done as a couple?

Clara: I think he makes everything funny.

Henry: Every day we just make jokes and make fun of each other.

Favorite kinds of movies?

Henry: Expendables! They’re amazing.

Clara: I watch horror movies. Zombies, vampires, werewolves. Anything that’s scary!

Who would be the best zombie hunter?

Henry: I would. My daytime job is working in a car dealership, my nighttime job is working as a zombie hunter. Have you seen any zombies on the road lately?

Clara: …no.

Henry: You’re welcome.

Favorite TV shows?

Henry: Family Guy

Clara: Supernatural and The Walking Dead

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Henry: Chicken testicles. Just boiled, no flavor. Eww.

Clara: Frog legs. They tried to tell me it was chicken. It does not taste like chicken.

What do you do in your spare time?

Henry: Video games and working out

Clara: Shopping and baking.

What’s the big deal with Captain America?

Henry: He’s sexy, kind of like me! He started as a skinny tiny guy, but then he bulked up. Awesome.

Clara: No, Henry is definitely The Hulk.

Do you like to host parties?

Henry: I love house parties, I used to be such a party guy. Now I’m too old for it!

Clara: We hope we can fit tons of people in our new place! We can always just stuff them in the balcony if we run out of space.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Clara: I want to go to Venice, just to visit.

Henry: I’d go to Japan. They’ve got a lot of weird stuff there.

Favorite place to eat in the city?

Henry: I love this little Vietnamese place by our house, the people there know our names.

Clara: I like Bolero. We’re thinking of doing our wedding dinner there!

Who’s the best cook?

Henry: When it comes to dessert, it’s definitely her. When we first met, she made me this chocolate mousse cake. Wow!

Clara: That’s because he likes anything chocolate. If I gave him a chocolate bar, he’d be like “Wow, that’s amazing.”

Who’s your favorite cartoon character?

Henry: Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Yeah!

Clara: Sailor Moon!

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Henry: I don’t really have any. I’m just cool.

Clara: I’m embarrassed with him sometimes… like, right now.

What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?

Henry: When I was a kid, my aunt brought me to a place in downtown Calgary. They gave me a bowl cut. I said “I can’t go to school tomorrow!”

Clara: When I was a kid, I had this weird bob cut. But I got a bob cut a couple of months ago and it looks okay. I must have grown out of it that weird stage.

Favorite board games?

Henry: Monopoly We love counting money.

Clara: Yeah, and he likes throwing Monopoly money  up in the air yelling “I win!”

Worst fashion moment as a kid or teenager?

Clara: When I was in elementary school, I had to wear this yucky floral dress. I still have that picture, I never want to look at it again.

Henry: When I was three, my mom put me in her high heels, her dress and lipstick. The picture ended up on my Facebook page!

Where’s your favorite store to shop for clothes?

Henry: Underground

Clara: Forever 21