Who Is The Post: Bryan and Alex

Our team often gets asked ‘who will our neighbours be?” Meet Bryan and Alex, new homeowners in The Post at Nolan Hill – they could be your new neighbours, and they’re pretty great.


Bryan (28) and Alex (24)


Bryan: I work for Volkswagen Canada as a regional rep

Alex: I work as a kinesiologist.

Floorplan: Auburn at The Post

Why’d you buy at The Post?

Alex: It’s in a good area, we definitely wanted to stay in the NW. With a new community and new development, we got to pick every option!

Bryan: We got to pick everything we wanted, which was a big thing for us. To be able to find a place that had the space for us to have the dogs, the parking, and generally accommodate our lifestyle is huge.

What finishes did you choose?

Alex: We got stainless steel appliances and dark cabinets in the kitchen.

Bryan: The white quartz countertops, and then the hardwood floors on the main floor.

What floorplan did you choose and why?

Bryan: We chose the Auburn because it has a lot of flexible space. The main floor is really open with the island in the middle. The living room is open, so you can customize where you want to put furniture.  Having three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms was big for us, you don’t see that often.

Alex: I liked it because of the open floorplan, and it gave us all the space we needed. It just felt big! Plus, there’s a little more closet space, which is important.

What do you love about your new neighbourhood?

Alex: We both grew up in the NW, and both of our families are there. It’s a really nice area, to get anywhere else in the city it’s super convenient.

Bryan: Having the families close is important. With traveling for work, I’m not around a lot so a house wasn’t going to work, but finding a townhouse in the right area was a bit of a challenge.

Are you excited to move in?

Alex: Yes, very excited!

Bryan: Extremely excited, if we could move in tomorrow we would but we know it takes time to build a good house! That’s why we chose Avi Urban, because it’s part of the Homes by Avi family. I used to look after Avi’s scooters when I was working at a Ducati shop, and it proved that how he looks after his stuff is how he looks after his business.

Who’s going to be decorating your new house and how?

Alex: It’ll be a joint effort for decorating, but he has very strong opinions.

Bryan: I’m picky, is that what you’re trying to say?

Alex: Yeah. And by “joint effort” I mean I’ll let you decorate the garage.

How did you meet?

Bryan: We were working together, and she wanted to know what it was like to get on a motorcycle so I took her for a ride. What she thought would be a ride around the block actually was a ride to Bragg Creek.

Alex: And now I have my own motorcycle!

Favorite kinds of movies?

Alex: We like to watch comedy

Bryan: Anything that’s a lot of fun and a little more upbeat!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Alex: I’ve eaten a cricket, and mine was live! It was crunchy and gross

Bryan: Chocolate covered ants.

What do you do in your spare time?

Alex: We both play soccer, we ride our motorcycles and hang out with the dogs! My dog is a shiba inu and his name is bear.

Bryan: My dog is a sheltie and her name is Sasha. Our dogs are a large part of our life, which is why we wanted somewhere like The Post. Having somewhere nearby so the dogs can get out and run around is great. They’re like our kids,  and they fight over toys all the time like brother and sister.

What do you do on a Saturday night?

Alex: We don’t go out a lot, but we like to hang out and have friends over.

Bryan: Yeah, we like to get together with our friends at a pub. Having good conversation is important!

Any crazy travel experiences?

Bryan: We went to Seattle, and it was her first year riding a motorbike. She was very hesitant at first, because it’s a big deal on the highway!

Alex: I enjoyed it, minus the traffic once we got to Seattle and the pouring rain!

Where’s the last place you went together?

Alex: We were in Disney World, that’s where we got engaged!

Bryan: We didn’t get the bride and groom Mickey ears, because they don’t make ears that fit my head.

What’s your engagement story?

Bryan: They made us pre-book the Disney World restaurants and the reservation didn’t show up when we got there. The cat was out of the bag once I started to panic, but it worked out. We did it traditionally, down on one knee, the whole nine yards.

Alex: Yeah, surrounded by Disney princesses. You know, the normal way!

Who’s the best cook?

Alex: We both cook a little, but I wouldn’t say either of us are master chefs.

Bryan: We cook out of necessity, more than anything. I’m the most adventurous cook, but Alex is definitely the better cook.

If you could have any superpower, what would you have?

Alex: I would probably pick flying.

Bryan: Flying? Come on now, it’s all about x-ray vision! You get to see things on the other side of the wall, so you always know what’s happening! I’m nosy, I guess.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Alex: I know Bryan’s! When he picked me up for our first date, I opened the front door and he didn’t realize we had a screen door. He bent down to pet the dog and it was just forehead into glass.

Bryan:  Yeah, face plant on the first date. That would probably qualify as most embarrassing!

Worst fashion moment as a kid or teenager?

Bryan: I was the kid who wore sweatpants in elementary school, I definitely regret that one. They called me “Mr. Joggers.”

Alex: In junior high I went through a punk phase. It was just weird clothing altogether. I don’t have the pictures to prove it though, thank God!

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