Who’s Creating Your New Home

Alvin Villar is one of the architects working at Avi Urban, and has been with the team for over three years. He’s currently working on The Block townhomes and apartments (plus a few other projects yet to come!) Here’s how Alvin works to design your new home.

On a daily basis, Alvin works at Avi Urban to design many multi-family developments. “Right now, I’m the architect-on-record for The Block townhomes and apartments in Calgary, and I design all components that make up the building,” he shares. “Basically I design how you put the whole building together, in coordination with our consultants and engineers.”

When designing a buyer’s new home, Alvin is inspired to design with the end goal in mind. “I want to make sure every townhome and apartment we design is built to how we envision it and tailored to our clientele,” he explains. “The building has to be safe, functional and beautiful!”

Building multi-family homes is fun for Alvin because of the challenge. He clarifies, “Larger scale developments tend to be exciting and challenging. There are quite a number of systems to design, making sure that the walls, floors, roofs and every other piece of the building is done properly.”

 Our designers are often inspired by other buildings they have seen or stayed in. “My favourite place I’ve ever stayed was in Florence, Italy. It was a six-storey apartment building close to the old bridge, Ponte Vecchio,” Alvin remembers. “The area is urban, central to town, and vibrant. There’s always something happening.”

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