Wild Rose Brewery Resides in Currie Barracks

We finally did it! We took the highly recommended 5 minute stroll from our sales centre in Currie Barracks to The Wild Rose Brewery. As one of the first commercial residences to live in Currie Barracks, The Wild Rose Brewery delivers its promise on locally brewed beer and delicious eats. As the community of Currie Barracks expands, Wild Rose stands as one of the first restaurants to cohabit in the community and exists as the main hangout for locals.

The raspberry infused pints attracts locals from all around. We here at Juno were encouraged to take the tour and were really impressed with the quality and range that Wild Rose has to offer. Juno residents can have a night out while still remaining local.

The ability to work and live within walking distance of so much is a reality in Currie Barracks. As the construction pushes forward and winter slowly creeps in on us, we encourage you to stop in and say hello, take a tour and enjoy a meal and a pint from one of Calgary’s only residing Brewery’s, Wild Rose.




Juno in Currie Barracks