Willow at Sherwood: Construction Update April 2016

It’s amazing how much gets done when a building is in the finishing stages! Our construction team is amazing at getting everything scheduled right on time so all the finishing work goes smooth. Because of this, building nine is close to homeowners taking possession! And in just a few weeks the same progress is going to start happening in building two!

Here is a break down of where construction is for the end of April:

Building 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10 – Complete, just two quick possessions left in building 10

Building 9 – Drywall is complete, cabinets are in, and flooring has started

Building 2 – Selections deadline is April 28th, so if you want to pick out custom colour and upgrade options, time is running out! The good news is that insulation will be starting in the next few weeks and the exterior brick work is finishing up.

Building 1 – Rough-ins are complete, the exterior brick work will begin soon.

Around the site – though it’s been nice, there is still a lot of frost in the ground. This means we’re still having to wait to finish the concrete sidewalks and landscaping.

Until next time!

TaraLynn @ Willow at Sherwood