Willow at Sherwood: Construction Update August 2015

Exciting times at Willow in Sherwood, the first home owners have moved into their new homes with more home owners will be joining them soon!! The Willow site is a beehive of activity, with the all buildings in active construction, and work has even started in our courtyard (landscaping started this year maybe?).

Here is the breakdown of where each building is at in the construction process;

Building 3 – Completed and homeowners are moving in!

Building 4 – Almost complete, just a few finishing touches, homeowners have received their possession letters and will be moving in soon!

Building 5 – Cabinets are in and even the flooring is almost complete!

Building 6 – Cabinets are in and finishing is about to start with the casing going on around the door sand windows, flooring will be next

Building 7 – Drywall is almost complete, we’re getting ready for cabinets to be delivered

Building 8 – Rough-ins are almost done! We’re getting ready to start insulation

Building 10 – Rough-ins are well underway with electric and plumbing work finishing up, ducting will be next

Building 9 – Windows are in – framing is finishing up

Building 1 – Framing is almost complete, the roof trusses are going up

Building 2 – Framing is underway with the garage level almost done!

Around the site – The sidewalk/pathways in the courtyard are being completed over the next few weeks, and then we will complete the sidewalks around the rest of the community. The garbage enclosure has starting framing.


Until Next Time!

TaraLynn @ Willow in Sherwood