Willow At Sherwood: Construction Update Dec 2015

This will be the last construction update for 2015! From breaking ground at the start of this year to having the first homeowners move in, it has been a busy year for construction in Willow at Sherwood. I’m looking forward to seeing Willow at Sherwood completed in 2016!

Here is where each building is as of the end of December:

Building 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 – Completed and homeowners are all moved in, getting ready for their first Christmas in their new homes.

Building 10 – Homeowners are starting to move in, with more joining them in the new year.

Building 9 – Rough-ins (plumbing, electrical, ducting) are all completed and the exterior works is almost all finished. The siding and brick work are complete now we’re completing those finishing details. This building will be released for sale just in time for new homeowners to be able to pick out their own finishing colors!

Building 1 – Rough-ins are almost 100% complete. Siding work has started and will finish up in the new year.

Building 2 – Rough-ins are well underway and siding will be starting in the new year

Around the Site – Landscaping is on hold until the spring/summer, the garbage enclosure is completed, and the mailboxes are still in their temporary location.

Until next time,

TaraLynn @ Willow at Sherwood