Willow at Sherwood: Construction Update Sept 2015

We’re heading into a very busy time over in Willow at Sherwood. We have already seen two buildings occupied by the home owners and they’re starting to call Willow at Sherwood home.
Between October and November, we will have an additional four buildings ready to have home owners move in to!

Here is the breakdown of where construction is at in each building:

Building 3 & 4 – Completed and home owners are moved in

Building 5 – Homes are complete and possession time is fast approaching, home owners are getting ready to move in

Building 6 – 95%-97% complete. Flooring is pretty much finished, final touches are being done, and appliances will be delivered soon.

Building 7 – The tile flooring has been delivered and installation has started, cabinets are installed and some countertops are in

Building 8 – Insulation is complete and the drywall has started going up

Building 10 – Rough-ins are finishing up, insulation has been delivered

Building 9 – Framing is complete and windows are in

Building 1 – Framing is finished and the windows are going in

Building 2 – Framing is finishing up

Around the site – The pathway and sidewalks are in, we’re even hoping to get some landscaping in this year (hopefully the weather holds out, no winter weather yet!)

Until next time,

TaraLynn @ Willow at Sherwood