Willow at Sherwood: Walk vs. Drive to Walmart

Your Sales Team, Karen Payne and TaraLynn Green, met at Willow in Sherwood and completed a little door to door challenge on Wednesday. Walk vs. Drive, this time it was to the new Walmart just a few blocks away.

We started at exactly the same time, one walked, one drove. We both started our timers at a front door at Willow and stopped when we got to the front door of Walmart.

TaraLynn Walking from Willow to the Walmart

  • It is 1.31 km away and took 13.34 mins
  • A few delay’s waiting for lights to change and obstacles to get around from construction
  • Overall an easy walk, going to Walmart is mostly downhill
  • Jogging back to Willow(up hill!) only took 9.15 mins

Karen Driving from Willow to Walmart

  • It is 2.4 km away when driving and took 4.49 mins
  • Time depends on traffic and making that left hand turn from Sherwood Gate onto Shaganappi Trail
  • Overall a simple and fast drive

Karen (driving) only passed me (TaraLynn) when I was approaching the intersection by what is going to be the new Loblaws City Market, at Shaganappi Trail and Symons Valley Pkwy. So no need to drive when shopping at Loblaws City Market the walk is only about 6 mins (or about 0.7 km), that’s about the same time it will take you to drive!

Until Next Time

TaraLynn @ Willow in Sherwood