Willow in Sherwood: Construction Update April 2015

Wow is Construction moving fast at Willow in Sherwood! 5 Buildings have seen framing start and 2 more are getting ready for foundations to be poured, that’s more than half the buildings at Willow in Sherwood. I’m excited to see the exteriors start with siding and brickwork!

So here is where each building is at in construction;

Building 3 – Rough-ins are just starting, the shingles are going on the roof and windows are in, soon homeowners will be able to start walking through their new home to see the progress for themselves.

Building 4 – Framing of roof is just finishing, soon rough-ins will be able to begin

Building 5 – The 3rd floor framing is finishing up and the roof will start being framed soon

Building 6 – Foundations are complete, framing of the garage floor is finishing, the second floor will begin soon!

Building 7 – Foundations are complete, framing has just started on the Garages.

Building 10 – Foundations have been dug, getting prepped to have the forms for the concrete to be set up, framing schedule to start after build 8 get going

Building 8 – The foundations have started to be dug, right now building 8 is schedule to start framing before building 10

Building 9, 2 & 1 – Are next to get going

Around the site – the Garbage/Recycling enclosure foundations are complete and utility boxes are in.

That’s all for now, until next time.

TaraLynn @ Willow in Sherwood