Willow in Sherwood: Construction Update June 2015

Willow in Sherwood has been moving along so fast these past weeks! Every time I visit the site there are several noticeable differences and changes that have happened! So let get right to it, here is where construction is at now;

Building 3 – Insulation and drywall are complete, siding is also complete with brick work about to start. Finishing’s have also started with the casings going around the windows and doors, ceiling texture is done and cabinets have even gone in the first of the townhomes!

Building 4 – Insulations started this week, with drywall following right after, almost 50% of the townhomes in building 4 have drywall completed. Siding has started going up and looks to already be almost complete!

Building 5 – Finished framing, the shingles for the roof are going up and rough-ins (electrical, plumbing and ducts) are well under way

Building 6 – Framing is finished and rough-ins have started with the electrical work started in 50% of the townhomes in building 6

Building 7 – Framing is finished and the windows and doors have been delivered (and are now being installed!)

Building 8 – The third floor is almost completed being framed, the roof will be next.

Building 10 – the second floor is finished being framed, work is starting on the 3rd floor.

Building 9 – foundations have been dug and poured

Building 1 – foundation walls are complete and the garage floors are being poured

Building 2 – foundations will begin soon

Around the Site – the foundation walls for the waste/recycling enclosure are complete

Until Next Time

TaraLynn @ Willow in Sherwood