Willow in Sherwood: Construction Update May 2015

There is a hive of activity happening at Willow in Sherwood with 8 out of 10 of the buildings actively under construction! Everyday something new is happening, I was on site Monday and by Friday was already something new to take pictures of!

Building 3 – Rough-ins (Plumbing and Electrical work) are complete, insulation is starting and the exterior work has begun as well!

Building 4 – Rough-ins (Plumbing and Electrical work) are finishing up soon.

Building 5 – Rough-in’s are just starting with the plumbing going in.

Building 6 – Framing is finishing up on the roof, soon rough-ins will be able to start.

Building 7 – The third floor has just had framing start.

Building 8 – Foundations have been completed! Framing will begin soon.

Building 10 – Foundations are complete and the garage level is already being framed! This building was also just released for sale!

Building 1 – On Monday foundations have been dug and the footings are ready to be poured as the forms are in place. An now by Friday the foundation walls have been completed!

Buildings 2 & 9 – Foundations will be dug soon.

Around the site – The Garbage/Recycling enclosure is ready to have the foundations begin.

Until next time!

TaraLynn @ Willow in Sherwood