Willow at Sherwood: Construction Update Sept 2014

The last month of Summer is almost over and, even with fluke snowstorms, we are making great progress on site.

We are well underway with the deep services on site at Willow in Sherwood. Deep services are all of those vital components (main water, sewer and electrical connections to each building) that must be completed before foundations are completed. At the same time we also place the manholes and fire hydrant(s). Deep services are called just that because they start approx. 18 feet underground with storm water sewer, next is grey water/black water sewer, then the water main, and at approx. 3 feet from the surface is where main electrical and gas lines are located (which is why it’s so important to call before you dig). The reason why all the services involving water are deeper than electrical and gas is so that they are below the freeze line so they don’t freeze.

Next step to happen once the deep services have been completed is to complete the curbs and roads within Willow at Sherwood, so it will be very clear-cut as to the layout of the site and approx. location of each building.

Around the community the park/playground across the street is all completed and landscaped.

As always you can follow the construction progress on our blog with at least one update monthly and the photo album on Facebook.

TaraLynn @ Willow in Sherwood