The Post in Nolan Hill: Construction Update March 2015

Another building is almost ready to turn over to homeowners, and the remaining three buildings are not far behind.

If you haven’t been by The Post in Nolan Hill I would suggest you schedule time to visit. I know a picture says a thousand words, but seeing these town homes in person can leave a person speechless. Even the neighbours who have watched construction progress have stopped in.  With how amazing these town homes look from the exterior, they needed to see what they are like on the inside.

Here is the break down of where each building is at:

Building 1, 2 & 3 – 100% Completed,  and all Homeowners are moved in.

Building 5 – the townhomes are 97% to 100% completed! Homeowners received there possession letters a few weeks ago and are set to start moving in mid to late April.

Building 4 – Drywall is completed, Cabinets have been delivered and are ready to be installed. The exterior work is ready to get started as well.

Building 7 – Insulations is complete and drywall has been delivered and has started to be installed.

Building 6 – Rough-ins are well under way, in fact they’re almost complete, soon insulation will be able to begin.

Around the Site – the Waste/Recycling Enclosure is being completed, and if this weather holds up maybe we can start earlier on landscaping!

Until Next Time

TaraLynn @ The Post in Nolan Hill