Willow at Sherwood: Road Improvements

The northwest of Calgary has some of the best road access in the city, but there are some areas that need serious improvement. These improvements have finally been completed (…well almost). 2 major projects have just been completed in the northwest portion of stoney trail.

  1. West Nose Creek Bridge Modification
  2. 14 street north access into Evanston

Stoney Trail Ring Road has been open for some time now and with its popularity the road was expanded to 3 lanes, except  at the west nose creek bridge. Work has been happening all summer long to get the expansion to 3 lanes completed and just this past week all 3 lanes are open! This is great news for anyone who experienced the delays and traffic back up that happened before and during the expansion.

Another major road improvement lots of residents in the Creekside area have been waiting for is a 2nd entrance into the community of Evanston. This has finally happened, sort of….  Although this isn’t a full interchange and overpass, construction of the westbound to northbound off-ramp from Stoney Trail and the southbound to westbound on-ramp to Stoney Trail at 14th Street NW is finished. This should help elevate at least some congestion on Symons Valley Road by the Creekside Shopping Centre. There is no news as to when the fully interchange and overpass will be completed, we are anxiously awaiting the news.

Symon’s Valley Parkway between Sarcee and Shaganappi Trail is also close to completion with Walmart at the end of the road which is now hiring.

Until Next Time

TaraLynn @ Willow