Willow in Sherwood: Tim Hortons Now Open!

Exciting news for all the residents in the area, for quite some time homeowners in Sherwood and Nolan Hill have had to drive quite a ways to get their Timmy’s fix, but no longer. Something everyone has been asking and waiting for, for quite sometime now, Tim Hortons has opened 2 new locations, one in Creekside, the other inside the Sage Hill Crossing Walmart!

You used to have to drive all the way to the Royal Oak or Panorama to find the closest Tim Hortons, but on March two new Tim Hortons locations opened up.

  1. The closest is the Sage Hill Crossing location, you do have to go inside the newly opened Walmart for your coffee though.
  2. The Other location is over in the Creekside Shopping centre, it is on the north end, by the Shell gas station and CIBC, though leave yourself a bit of extra time as there isn’t a Drive Thru!

There looks to be several stores getting ready to open soon in Creekside, like Reno Depot! And just in time fore the spring planting season too. The shopping centre in Nolan Hill is coming along quickly, so this year will be a busy year for new store openings. Great for homeowners having so much variety so close to home, everything you might need will either be a short walk or drive from home!

Until next time.

TaraLynn @ Willow in Sherwood