Winston at Walden: Construction Update

We’ve got construction working in full force here at Winston at Walden! Our showhomes are coming along nicely and we can’t wait to show them to you early 2019!

Check out all the progress we have been making:

Showhome: Completion of framing – At this stage, the building has completely taken shape. The walls, floors and roof systems are complete, giving us the skeleton of the showhome.

Building 18: Excavation is underway. This is the first time you’ll see the dirt moving and machines hard at work. During this stage the hole is being dug for the building.

Building 19: Started framing – The backfill stage has been completed and we’re moving onto framing your new home.

Building 20: Cribbing and foundation – The foundation is the base of your home and includes pouring concrete for the main floor and everything underneath.

Buildings 16,17,18,21,22, and 23: We will start to see dirt moving soon as we get ready to pour foundations for these buildings.

Be sure to check back each month for more updates on how things are shaping up.

Until next month,

Amanda @ Winston