Winston at Walden: Construction Update

Our construction crew is braving the cold snap and continues working hard in Winston at Walden. The buildings are coming along nicely, including our show homes with our new sales center, which will open around April or May this year!

Check out all the progress we have been making:

Show home: Interior finishings have begun, and we’re starting to see the show homes come to life. Drywall is going on and installation of finishes such as cabinetry, light fixtures, flooring and painting are completed.

Building 16:  We’re framing the roof and completing the skeleton of your home before moving onto rough-ins.

Building 17: Framing is complete and we’re starting ground work, which includes the plumbing and walls in the basements, followed by rough-ins.

Building 18: We’ve completed  ground work on the basement and rough-ins have started. This is the stage where we put everything behind the walls to make your home run – ductwork is installed for the heating, and ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) are also installed.

Building 19: The team has finished insulation and are starting to drywall. After Insulation is complete, drywall is hung and taped in preparation for painting. This is also the stage for completing the ceiling texture.

Building 20: We have finished rough-ins and are wrapping and starting insulation before moving on to the drywall stage.

Building 21: Rough-ins are complete and once inspections are finished, we will continue onto the exterior finishings. At this stage, we wrap your home with protective barrier that prevents water from making contact with the structure.  Once complete, we apply the siding to brighten up the outside of your home.

Building 22: Framing of the roof is complete and soon the skeleton of your home will be done, followed by rough-ins.

Building 23: We’re framing the main floor and making our way upstairs to finish the skeleton of your home.

Be sure to check back each month for more updates on how things are shaping up.

Until next month,

Cathy @ Winston