Winston at Walden – Construction Update

Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a great celebration entering 2020. Over the holidays, we made a lot of progress. Here is a construction update on what’s happening in Winston:

Building 6: This building is still in framing. At this stage you can see the shape of the house. The walls and floors are complete, and the roof is almost all put together; the skeleton of your home. We are almost ready for the next stage!

Building 15: This building is insulated, and we are now onto interior finishings. Now you’ll see your house really start coming together, as drywall goes on and installation of all the finishes like cabinetry, light fixtures, flooring and paint are to be complete.

All other buildings are complete and we are excited to start construction on our new buildings that we recently released soon. Make sure you to stay tuned!

Happy 2020 and make sure to stay warm through this chilly weather!

Megan @ Winston