Winston at Walden: Meet Allegra and Elliot

These first time home buyers are super excited to get into their future Preston home in Winston at Walden! We just know they’re going to make for awesome neighbours and couldn’t help but Allegra’s answers about the twosome when we interviewed her for our blog.

If you had a super power what would it be?

I think I would like to be able to grow money on trees! haha! Elliott and I love to travel and it can be difficult to manage a work-life balance. If we had unlimited access to funds, we could maintain our perfect home, travel whenever we please, and take care of all of our friends and family!

What’s your nick name?

My name is pronounced Ah-lee-gra, which is really difficult because it is not read as it sounds! However, when I was growing up, my friends and family always called me “Legs” (because of the Allegra in my name). I still go by this nickname today!

What inspires you?

Nothing inspires me more than other people’s compassion and kindness. I believe that in life, if you put positivity out in the world, the world will give it back to you. Seeing what others are willing to do to help their loved ones, neighbors, communities… It always inspires me to do better!

What do you do for a living?

I am a Hospital Social Worker at the South Health Campus. I have a research specialization in geriatric care, with a specific focus on persons facing Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. I absolutely love my job!

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would give anything to be able to have dinner with my late grandma Sonia. My grandma and I were best friends, and due to her own Dementia diagnosis, we lost her far too soon. She inspires me in my work and life every day, and I would give anything to have a little more time with her.

If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why?

I think I would like to be 25 forever! It’s a nice balance between (possibly) being done post-secondary school, working in your dream job and having independence. Moreover, you have all of the hope in the world for the future, and so much to look forward to!

What about Walden attracted you?

My boyfriend, Elliott, and I were both raised in Sundance; a neighborhood just 5 minutes away. We have always loved what the southeast has to offer; between Fish Creek Park, easy access to shopping and a friendly environment. Moreover, I work in the deep southeast, so living on this side of the city is ideal.

Walden has a really interesting vibe of being both family friendly, yet young and current. I love that Walden is a neighbourhood that is welcoming, accessible and affordable for people like us who are first time home buyers! Before even purchasing, Walden felt like home.

Why Winston?

What drew us to Winston is that we could have all of the perks of having a beautiful brand new build, without the high costs. At our first appointment at the sales center, we were hesitant to ask how much upgrades would cost that would make our home perfect for us. When we were told that we could have all of our upgrades and the price still would not break our budget, we were instantly intrigued. Not to mention, it is difficult to buy a new townhome that offers multiple parking spots so that more than one person does not need to worry about street parking. When we found out our home offered a double garage, as well as a driveway, I was sold!

What floorplan did you choose and why?

We chose the Preston floor plan for a variety of reason. First, we love that we get the open concept living of an apartment/condo, while also getting a double wide garage. Elliott and I both work very sporadic hours, and we wanted to ensure that we would not block eachother in (i.e. we didn’t want a tandem garage), but we both wanted indoor parking.

The Preston offers an extra-large master bedroom, closet and en-suite, and for Elliott and I this felt like a luxury. Further, having the second bedroom on the other side of the home ensures that when we have guests they will have privacy. We adore the open concept of the kitchen and living space, the extended kitchen island and the vaulted ceilings in the living area! I was also excited to have a formal laundry room, instead of simply having a washer and dryer in a closet style space.

Over-all we felt the Preston met and exceeded all of the things we were looking for in our first home; functional, inviting and warm.

Did you find any benefits with buying pre-construction?

The largest benefit of buying pre-construction is being able to design your dream home! As someone who loves decorating, I am excited to pick all of my colours and finishes to ensure that our home is perfect for us.

I also find it beneficial having time to slowly accrue the perfect furniture for our space, while saving money in the meantime, so we can maximize our downpayment at the time of possession. Over-all, buying pre-construction has allowed us to have time to prepare for the best move-in experience possible.

How was the home buying experience for you?

The home buying experience was far less stressful than I ever expected! I found it difficult at first, as I was not really connecting to anything we looked at and I was not sure how I would know what the right choice was. However, when we visited the Winston sales center for the first time everything became easier because my goals and intentions were clear.

The team at Winston has been very supportive, answering all of my questions both face-to-face, by email and by text message. No matter how needy I feel, the team always ensures us that our needs are met and that we are kept in the loop.

What’s your favourite thing about your new home?

This is is an impossible question! I think I am really excited to have a master bedroom where I can fit a king size bed, store all of my clothes (and of course some of Elliott’s… haha), and a double vanity sink. This set-up ensures that our bedroom area does not require us to compromise anything, as we have the space to be comfortable.

I also have never had the ability to park indoors, let alone in a heated garage! This feels like an extra luxury to me.

How did you hear about us?

When Elliott and I began looking at homes 18 months ago, we had visited the Jackson sales center and totally fell in love. The only downsides to the Jackson build was that the homes were larger than we were looking for and exceeded the budget we had set for ourselves. The sales team was aware that these were our major concerns and informed us that Winston would likely be introduced within the next 12 months.

Fast-forward a year, and we were driving around Walden looking at showhomes when we saw the sign that the sales center for Winston was open. We knew we had to go check it out, and as I have stated multiple times, we knew instantly that this is where we would live— it felt like a long time coming!

We can’t wait to get these two more in the coming months and are so happy to welcome them to the Avi Urban family.

Mikendra @ Winston