Winston at Walden: October Construction Update

Our crew is proving there’s no time for rest over here in Winston at Walden! Our show homes are coming along nicely and we’re just as excited as you to finally be able to see them early 2019!

Check out all the progress we have been making:

Show home: Rough-ins – this is the stage where we put everything behind the walls to make your home run, which includes ductwork being installed for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC).

Building 17, 18 and 21: Cribbing – this is when your basement is ready for the footings to be formed and for  concrete to be poured. Once that’s done, the cribbers will stand their forms and the basement walls can be poured.

Building 19: Completing frame work and installing the roof. Once the roof is completed, the rough-in stage will start

Building 20: Backfill – as soon as the footings, foundation walls and concrete have cured, we will be using excavated dirt to fill in any holes around the foundation walls.

Building 22: Excavation – this is the first time you’ll see the dirt moving and machines hard at work. During this stage the hole is being dug for your building.

Buildings 16 and 23: These buildings are next for excavation and we will start to see dirt moving soon!

Be sure to check back each month for more updates on how things are shaping up.

Until next month,

Amanda @ Winston