Winston at Walden: Outdoor Living

Spring is here and so are our Winston show homes.

With the nice weather finally here, all we can think about is getting out in the yard and enjoying the sun! When decorating outdoor space in townhomes, whether it be a front yard like our Hunter and Spencer units or balcony style like the Preston and Benson flats, it is important to maximize the space potential so that you can truly enjoy the season. Here are 3 key tips for a beautiful yard:

  1. Plants. Let’s be honest, plants liven up every space but especially balconies. When thinking plants in a smaller area, think vertical. Have an old ladder or bookshelf laying around? Paint it up and voila, you have a stand to hold all your lovely plants without taking up valuable seating space.
  2. Color. A good color pop goes a long way. Incorporate bright colors throughout your patio furniture for a fun summer vibe. For something a little extra, color coordinate your plants/flowers to your color accents.
  3. Lighting. Set the mood with string lights across or around the area. From globe bulbs to novelty shaped bulbs, there is always a perfect string light for the space or occasion. String your lights around your plants or lattice to show off your green thumb even in the dark.

We can’t wait to see what you do with your outdoor space when you move into your new Winston townhome!