Winston at Walden: Planning your decor

With the possessions coming up later this year in Winston at Walden, it’s time to start picking out the furniture for your new home. Whether you’re downsizing and need to replace some big pieces with smaller ones, or you’re moving into your very first home, here are some apps to help you choose your furniture.

  • Houzz: This is a fun app I’ve been playing around with for years! It helps you discover, size out, and even purchase new furniture for your home. There is tons to discover with this app or you can visit their website as another great resource!
  • Magic plan: This app scans your room in 30 seconds and then creates a floorplan for you to insert different pieces of furniture in to. This will allow you to effectively see your new living space and what size/types of furniture will best suit you and your needs and fit your space, helping you avoid the hassle of returning items that don’t work.

Good luck and enjoy! I hope these apps come in handy when decorating, so you have a home and a style you can brag about.

Until next time,

Amanda @ Winston